The effects of genx being dumped into the cape fear river for four decades

Dupont introduced genx in 2009 as a safer alternative to perfluorooctanoic acid ( pfoa), a chemical it had used for decades to manufacture teflon and have been dumping toxic waste from its 2,000-acre fayetteville works plant, including genx and nafion byproducts, into the cape fear river which. In june of 2017 local media reported that a toxic chemical named genx was being discharged into the cape fear river by dupont follow there are a great deal of unknowns right now related to genx in our river what are the impacts of decades of dumping perfluorinated compounds into our drinking water supply. A toxic chemical used to make teflon has been detected in the drinking water in wilmington, north carolina, and in surface waters in ohio and west virginia levels of genx in the drinking water of one north carolina water utility, the cape fear public utility authority, averaged 631 ppt (parts per trillion),. Description: mike papantonio discusses dupont's chemical called genx that has been found in the drinking water of north carolina residents and speaks with at it's obvious these corporations should pay a high price for their poisoning of people and landlock them up for long terms in prison, decades.

This is occurring even as investigations continue and political debate heats up over the state's response to revelations that genx and other potentially harmful compounds have been dumped into the cape fear river for several decades over the past few weeks, researchers have outlined the complicated. I started googling around to see if anything had been done on fluorochemicals in the cape fear river, and came across a number of things among them because i have seen where the loopholes are and i have seen the consequences of those loopholes that have developed over decades of policies”.

One of about 85000 chemicals registered in the united states are not tested for in drinking water one of them is genx, a man-made compound that manufacturing facilities have discharged into north carolina's cape fear river for decades in the second of a two-part series, newshour weekend visits the. The company's refusal to admit that its products could have been a source of fluorochemicals helped to stall regulation for decades, while evidence of their the lawsuit charges the companies with illegally dumping genx into the cape fear river and harming residents who drank the contaminated water.

It came to light in june but has allegedly been going on for decades the plant in question is now owned by chemours, a spin-off of dupont, which previously owned the plant state lawmakers and others have accused both companies of secretly dumping pollutants into the cape fear river from the plant,.

In early june, however, wilmington mayor bill saffo learned that chemical giant dupont's subsidiary company, chemours, has been dumping a toxic compound in the and because of an epa rule, chemours' release of genx into the cape fear river for nearly four decades may have been perfectly legal.

The effects of genx being dumped into the cape fear river for four decades

the effects of genx being dumped into the cape fear river for four decades The chemical was originally found in the cape fear river, which provides the drinking water for people from fayetteville down to wilmington has so far taken the lead on genx issues – the house select committee on north carolina water quality – is getting a head start and will meet thursday, jan 4.

In brief discovery of a class of industrial compounds called fluoroethers in public tap water last year shocked hundreds of thousands of north carolina residents who had been drinking the tainted liquid the source of that contamination is a chemours fluoropolymer plant that discharged wastewater into the cape fear river.

  • Known as genx, the new chemical has been known by the us environmental protection agency (epa) to have negative health effects since at least 2006 yet, the unregulated chemical has been continuously dumped into the cape fear river in north carolina since 2009 ring of fire's mike papantonio.

North carolina finds itself trying to assess the risk from genx, a chemical few knew lurked in waters feeding municipal drinking water plants twice in recent years, tough-to-extract, industrial chemicals have been detected in the cape fear river, a source of drinking water for millions of north carolinians. Since the discovery of the unregulated compound genx in the cape fear river, there's been a flurry of activity from state environmental and health officials in response to a form of industrial contamination with an unclear impact on human health genx is the trade name of perfluoro-2-propoxypropanoic. That's when perfluoro-2-propoxypropanoic acid (pfpropra), marketed by chemours as genx, became the target of intense scrutiny little was known about the chemical: it had replaced the carcinogen c8 used by dupont it was being dumped into the cape fear river and the cape fear public utility.

The effects of genx being dumped into the cape fear river for four decades
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